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the Gathering of Woodcarvers 

Woodcarving Art Festival 2024 - Oct 11, 12 & 13
at the Lyon Farm, Rte. 71 in Yorkville, IL


GOW 2023, although smaller than in previous years, was very much a success in many ways. The biggest of these was probably the relocation to Lyon Farm in Yorkville, IL. Lyon Farm is run by the Kendall County Historical Society as a preservation site. Being a non-working farm (no animals in residence) past issues such as pestering flies, were NOT an issue this year. Our space was larger and allowed plenty of space for displaying carvings. As a benefit of holding our program in concert with the historical society's annual fall festival, we also had quite a few visitors pass through to see our carvers working on several projects and we used the opportunity to advertise our local carving clubs. Below and on the "instructor" pages are posted some pictures of the activities. Thank you, Ed Boyd, for your photography skills and spending time with us.

Clockwise from top left: visitors on hay ride, Hugh Babcock sharpens knives, novice carver Greg Polacheck works on the Indian Chief, Dan Hochleutner (center) concentrates on his relief Indian chief while (left) Bill Siembieda carves a cowboy. In the background Ron Scott confers with Dylan for guidance.

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