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Far Right: Low Relief Portrait – Three Quarter view
This year Dylan demonstrated how to carve a portrait in low relief.  The subject: a portrait of Red Tomahawk, based on F.B. Fiske's photograph. 

*Red Tomahawk is reported to have been Sitting Bull's assassin.

Techniques covered in this class were:
Making a pattern from a photo for the purposes of portrait carving
How to carve a relief portrait
How to overcome the difficulties of carving a face in three-quarter profile relief
Carving the feathers and details of the Sioux war bonnet.

Some of Dylan's students chose to carve his sea captain (left). You might wonder how students can possibly complete these projects in only 3 days, well, rarely do they. Dylan feels that students should get value for their investment of time and money and therefore, does his best to impart as much knowledge as possible in the time available. It's customer for students to absorb as much information as possible and take that knowledge with them to continue their project at home and also apply it to their other carving projects.


Above: Roger Staub carves detail on his Indian relief

In addition to taking Dylan's class, Ray Miller stepped up to manage the Gathering. Many thanks for a job well done!

Jim "Doc" Dockendorf does some impressive work, carving the "Sea Captain". Looking good Doc!

left: Ted Schaumburg attempts a real challenge; carving likenesses of a group of 3 people. Ted's not one to shy away from a challenge, even a huge one like this. Good luck with completing this Ted. Let us know how it comes out!

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