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Dylan Goodson

Native American or Covered Bridge Relief


As usual Dylan is offering students a choice between a figure carving project or a relief scene.

The figure carving project will feature an approx. 9" tall Native American bust that will give you the opportunity to learn about carving an anatomically correct face with detail and character.  You'll be starting with a basswood roughout for this project (price TBD)


For the relief project Dylan has designed a relief scene featuring a covered bridge in a woodland setting. The bridge is crossing a rocky stream with a waterfall in the background which will give you a little practice at carving moving water. Carving the road to and from the bridge will be an exercise in creating depth while carving the bridge will teach you about perspective. The rough-out will be approx. 14” wide, 9” tall and 2” thick and should be a fun challenge to carve and will look great either stained or painted.  While it's not expected to finish this project in three days, students should be near completion by the end of the class.


Carving stands will be provided for use during the class and full size or intermediate size mallet tools are recommended.  Though palm tools will work for a lot of the projects and Dylan will have some tools that can be loaned.

You can see more of Dylan's work on his website

If you have questions about the class Dylan can be reached at or 256-496-6797

Dylan Goodson Covered bridge part done.jpg
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