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Dylan Goodson is well-known across the U.S. as a wonderful Deep-relief and realistic figure woodcarver. He has won numerous awards for his carvings and has been featured in magazines such as Woodcarving Illustrated on many occasions. He uses careful explanations, examples and demonstrations to help students learn his cutting-edge techniques and excel at creating their own carving projects.


Low Relief Portrait – Three Quarter view
This year Dylan will be demonstrating how to carve a portrait in low relief.  The subject will be a portrait

of Red Tomahawk, based on F.B. Fiske's photograph. 

Techniques that will be covered in this class are:
Making a pattern from a photo for the purposes of portrait carving
How to carve a relief portrait
How to overcome the difficulties of carving a face in three-quarter profile relief
Carving the feathers and details of the Sioux war bonnet (time permitting)

The cutout that we'll be using will probably be approximately 16” by 9” by 1” in size

and will either be Aspen or Basswood.  If you've never carved aspen before you're in for

a treat, Aspen is just barely harder than basswood, but carves crisper and can hold detail ever


Full size or intermediate size carving tools are Dylan's preferred choice but are not required. 

Carving stands will be provided during  the class.

Dylan will also have his usual assortment of roughouts available as a secondary project choice or

arrangements can be made to do  a custom portrait carving (for an additional material fee, two- or three-weeks

prior notification required). 

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