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Please accept our apologies. Unfortunately, this class has been cancelled by the instructor for 2023. We are presently working to offer an alternate class in it's place please check back for updates.

Bird Carvers

Gene Westerberg & Leo Sondgeroth

Both Gene and Leo are award-winning bird carvers with years of experience teaching the art of carving beautiful birds to students of all skill levels.


Experience Counts!

Several times each year without much fanfare and even less advertising, somewhere around 20 or so bird carving enthusiasts flock to an old red barn that stands in a slightly more urban setting that has come to surround it over the many years of it's existence. The barn is situated mere yards behind the Sandwich, IL home of Gene Westerberg who has been carving birds for over 50 years and teaching others to do likewise for several decades. Gene's classes usually run for three hours, one night per week for eight weeks. During G.O.W. that same class is condensed into three days of intense carving instruction with the goal of completing a finished bird while honing the bird carver's skills.


Sharp Skills Count Too

Leo Sondgeroth is today, at the top of his game as a bird carver. Having won numerous awards for his work, he has been working alongside Gene for several years and even though he's completely capable of holding his own as a teacher, teaming up with Gene enhances the attention each student receives and is a plus for both of these great instructors.

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