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 Carving bark houses, with Joshua Walters

Joshua Walters has been carving for about 16 years. He started out carving whimsical houses in bark and over time has expanded his wood carving to a variety of styles. His current concentrations are caricature, whimsical houses and hand-hewn bowls. Initially self-taught, he eventually started taking classes, improving and making a lot of great friends along the way.  He’s very grateful to have been able to take classes with first rate instructors such as Kathryn Overcash who taught him how to think outside the box when carving in bark. Seven years ago he began showing and competing with a couple of local carving clubs which also contributed to his growth as a wood carver.


In this class, you will be creating a whimsical house from a single piece of bark with hand tools. Time permitting, Joshua will demonstrate power carving techniques for whimsical houses.  A selection of bark will be available for purchase to use in the class.  Students may bring their own bark if they so choose but medium to larger pieces are recommended. If time allows, there will be a finishing/painting demo towards the end of the class.

Joshua and his wife Lori live in a Cape Cod at top of a hill where they have started a business called Windy Cape Studios.  Their business offers a variety of services for the woodcarver.  They have mounting options for the woodcarving and woodburning arts including pedestals, flat bases and plaques.  They offer laser cutting and engraving services.  And they make a carousel tool tote for woodcarving tools. 

They will be bringing bases, pedestals, plaques and a limited supply of tool totes to the GOW.   Students in the GOW or local to the area can also place orders up to one month ahead of the GOW and avoid shipping fees.

Students can contact Joshua at or 703-338-2353 to ask questions about the class or inquire about their offerings through their business.  


Check out their offerings at

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Check out Josh's whimsical bark carvings at

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