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Whether it's carving faces or fantasy cottages, you will enjoy your experience, learning to carve them from Cottonwood bark in this joint class, featuring two instructors to help you on your carving journey.

Bark Carvers

Mike Noland  

Mike has been carving faces in bark for over ten years and will guide students through the process of planning the character you intend to carve, how to lay it out and add details and expression as well as other decoration to consider including in your finished carving. 

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is a talented carver having taken up the art of chip carving in 1987 and later relief carving and has been carving bark cottages since 2008. Steve will help those students who wish to carve a fantasy cottage, understand basic structure and will demonstrate his techniques for creating some wonderful little abodes.  The class will concentrate mainly on ornament-sized cottages but will include a demonstration and discussion of carving bark in-the-round as well.

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