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You might think that a casual-mannered gentleman sporting bib-overalls and a Tennessee country accent might not be qualified to teach you much about art . . . and you would be WRONG!  Vic Hood, formerly bestowed the title "Woodcarver of the Year" by Woodcarving Illustrated magazine is also the bearer of more than one advanced degree having to do with human anatomy. He is the owner of a very specialized business, restoring historic structures and teaches woodcarving at numerous institutions and for programs in both the U.S. and abroad. It's a real treat to carve with Vic and a rare learning experience. If you're serious about carving the human face, you NEED to take Vic Hoods' class.  


Vic Hood (left) explains fine points to consider when carving a human bust.

In the above video, Vic Hood describes what woodcarvers can expect when taking his bust carving class at G.O.W.

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